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Welcome guest! Cattery Molfar is engaged in breeding Scottish fold CATS. Here you can get a kitten as a breed and as a pet. In our CATTERY we have both kittens with fold (FOLD) and straight ears (STRAIGHT).

Hello! You are welcomed on the most advanced website of the cattery of Scottish fold and Highland fold breed - Molfar.

Molfar Cattery - kittens and cats of magic bloods. Photos of cats, buy a kitten of show class.

Welcome guest! Feel yourself at home, watch photos and videos of cats and read all sorts of information about cats of your favorite breed - Scottish fold and Scottish straight.

The breed we deal with is quite complex! It is complicated by the fact that one breed has two representatives: the cats with fold ears (Fold) and the cats with straight ears (Straight). We also have Highlands. Who are Them? Highlands are also Scottish cats, but they have thicker and longer coat.

What do we have here on the site? Like any other classical web site of a cattery our site contains all the necessary information about us, our breed (Scottish and Highland fold and Scottish and Highland straight), our producers and their litters, our show activities and results (titles, awards etc.) You can find the pictures and videos of kittens and cats for sale or adoption and all the information about them. And you can learn how to buy a kitten from the cattery and how to take care of it.

Cats are our best friends! They sleep, eat, travel, and ... act with us! In our family we are all actors. However, I am the only one who has the Higher education of a producer ! My name is Andrey, my surname is Kravchenko. My beloved woman and wife's name is Alyona Kozharina. She is a trainer of social psychological trainings and the psychologist, financier, economist, interpreter - teacher of English language and literature. Our daughter, Christina, studies International relations in Uzhgorod national University and in her spare time dances and sings. Our Son, Konstantin – has departed from the University with the degree on Marketing and he is also very talented guy with a great sense of humor! We have one common feature – we adore cats. And we all sing! Sing songs! And all the time! Even our cats learn to sing with us!

We never planned to have cattery, it is occurred absolutely spontaneously! I think that no one ever dreams or have serious intention to breed cats, just once, a small furry animal appears at your house and it happens - love for life. Sometimes, in the mornings when running with a shovel from one cat pot to another and feverishly checking whether bowls are filled with food, and fresh water, if all the cats feel good – you can catch yourself on the question: " Why am I doing this, what for do I actually need all this...?" ,but then you see some beautiful creature is rushing on your sight and forget about everything.. Cats fill all the space in our house! They are everywhere and always follow us! They like when we're playing with them. Each member of our huge family has its place! All our cats have their houses for cats - beds! And we have kittens for sale that you can buy! Thereby save us from this crazy storm. But when the kittens leave us, it becomes painfully quiet and sad! So here are some most essential sketches about our family and command. Let us know each other better!!! Nice to meet you!

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