I want to buy a kitten!LEARN HOW
Welcome guest! Cattery Molfar is engaged in breeding Scottish fold CATS. Here you can get a kitten as a breed and as a pet. In our CATTERY we have both kittens with fold (FOLD) and straight ears (STRAIGHT).

Reserving a kitten

How to buy a kitten from our cattery?

1. If You liked our kitten please contact us. This can be done in the following ways: write to us on e-mail or in a private message on Facebook in which you specify the name of a kitten, the purpose of acquiring a kitten ( breeding or as a pet) and include Your name and location(country) of residence. We need to have enough information about You and know for what purpose You want to buy the animal, because we are involved in a serious breeding work, and it is important for us to monitor the development of our animals in the future, and we want to be sure that our animals are kept in good conditions, that is why we always keep in contact with all owners who purchased animals in our kennel. In correspondence, we can answer all your questions. You can also call us at the numbers listed on the website or contact us on Skype.

2. The recommendations of the kennel.

It is important for us to know for what purpose You want to purchase an animal in order to help You to choose a kitten that fits Your goals best . If You are a breeder and looking for a kitten for breeding – we will tell You about all the advantages and disadvantages of each kitten, providing You with all the necessary information for breeding work. If You buy a kitten for yourself, we will also advise You on all the issues regarding the care and keeping of the animal. Please note that the animal of category "pet" comes to the owner already neutered.

3. Reserving a kitten.

After agreeing on the price and conditions of sale of a kitten, We sign a contract of transfer of a kitten ( a standard contract you can download here), and then to reserve a kitten You Deposit 50% of the total amount of the contract. After we receive the payment, the kitten is considered reserved, what we immediately indicate on our website. At the age of four months, the kitten is fully vaccinated according to its age and ready to be moved. You pay the remaining 50 percent of the total value of the contract a week before the departure of the animal to You.

4. Methods of payment.

You can pay by any way convenient for You. Generally, if You live in another country, usually we specify the details of our Bank account (SWIFT) in the contract, where You can perform the payment. You can also use Western Union or any other suitable for payment system. Anyway we always additionally discuss this primarily signing the contract.

5. Delivery of a kitten.

We can help to arrange delivery of a kitten anywhere in the world. We cooperate with carriers of animals that have proven themselves as reliable and responsible partners. If You have the desire and the ability to arrange delivery of the animal yourself– we'll be happy. In any case, all questions about the delivery of an animal we agree with You on the stage of the contract signing and our task is to find the most optimal conditions and price, as well as from the point of view of safety of an animal during transit, and the most reliable shipping method.

6. The accompanying documents.

Documents that we provide when selling a kitten:

1. Veterinary international passport with all vaccinations registered.

2. Form 1. (Transporting permission from the state veterinary)

3. When selling an animal for breeding: pedigree, certificate of ownership.

4. All the animals of our kennel sent abroad are micro chipped according to international laws . The chip number is specified in all the necessary documents.

5. Optionally, if there is a legal requirement to bring animals into the country, we provide titers for rabies.

6. All our producers are genetically tested. The results of the tests you can see in the file of each producer. Any additional tests can be done if requested by the buyer are not included in the price of the kitten and must be paid extra by agreement.

7. The original pedigrees as a rule, we send separately by mail to avoid their loss during transportation of the animal.

What to buy for the arrival of the kitten.

Before the arrival of the kitten You need to buy: pot + toilet filler, a special transporting bag (You will definitely need), bowls for food and water (preferably ceramic) 2 or 3 pieces, scratching post, toys ( balls, sticks with feathers, etc. at your discretion) and of course, the usual kitten food. It is also very desirable to prepare for kitty its place. You can use for this any box or buy Leacock or make it yourself from easily available materials(e.g. cardboard boxes). All this you can buy in any Pet store in Your city or order online in Internet Zoo stores.

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