I want to buy a kitten!LEARN HOW
Welcome guest! Cattery Molfar is engaged in breeding Scottish fold CATS. Here you can get a kitten as a breed and as a pet. In our CATTERY we have both kittens with fold (FOLD) and straight ears (STRAIGHT).

I want to buy a kitten


If you like cats, and finally decided to buy a domestic pet kitten, it is very important to consider the choice seriously. Where to start? The first thing that we highly recommend you to do is to spend the time to study the characteristics of breeds. Currently there are many different breeds of cats and they all have their own characteristic features and specifics of care. In order to understand better whom you have to deal with and how your pet will meet your expectations, it is important to know the nature of the breed. Now there are many specialized websites with a description of the breeds, their character and standards. This will allow you to choose the breed that suits You and also to understand better how this animal should look like, does it have any shortcomings that can cause serious health problems.

Once you have decided on the breed - start searching. It is best to buy animals in nurseries specializing in the breed you like, in the nursery you will get all the necessary recommendations for care, you will be provided with all the documents. To buy kittens on the open pet markets is very risky, they may not be vaccinated by age, sick, etc. Usually professional kennels never sell animals in such places.

Where to look for a kitten: websites of nurseries (on the site of any professional kennel there is usually the information about kittens for sale, and their parents), social networks ( many breeders actively use social networks for sale of their animals, one of the most popular social networks – Facebook) Bulletin boards.

At what age is better to buy a kitten?

When you purchase the kitten it should be at the age of four months (earlier is strongly undesirable) and the reason is that the kitten must be vaccinated by age. First vaccination is done at the age of two months, and the second – which also includes rabies vaccination - at three months, then within 21 days the kitten creates immunity. During all this period of time the kitten should better stay in the familiar environment – this ensures that in the future it will have no health problems and the risk of disease is reduced significantly. So, when buying a kitten – be sure to ask the breeder for the presence of veterinary passport, which records all vaccinations (as you have already understood at the time of purchase there should be two antiviral vaccinations + rabies).

What to pay attention to when buying a kitten?

When buying a kitten, be sure to pay attention to how it looks like and behaves. A healthy kitten is active, playful, has clean, without any discharges eyes, with good quality wool (a healthy animal has glossy coat, without baldness and tangles).

Be sure to review all mucous membranes – they should be pink and clean. If it is Scottish fold or straight – be sure to check the tail – it should be soft and flexible, easily bendable in all directions without any seals and hardenings. Smell the kitten – it should smell nice. If there is any unpleasant smell – this could indicate a variety of infectious diseases.

There should be no discharge from the eyes, sometimes unscrupulous breeders may deceive inexperienced buyers, telling them that "the discharging eyes" is a specific characteristic of the breed, you know – this is complete nonsense, discharging eyes indicate the presence of some infections, and there can be a great variety of them.

Another thing which is desired to consider is the character and temperament of the kitten. The kitten should not show aggression, even if it is a little scared.

And of course the most important factor determining your final choice – You must like it, just fell in love with it. It is incredible feeling - when you meet Your kitten, You will definitely know it. This is very important because you are buying a pet that will be Your companion and a part of Your family for years to come, so if at the stage of acquaintance with the animal there occurred any slightest doubt, better refuse at once.

You of course always have the option to return the kitten to the nursery, in case of emergency, but remember that it's always a huge stress for the animal, and for You too.

Therefore, treat a kitten responsibly and seriously.

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