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Welcome guest! Cattery Molfar is engaged in breeding Scottish fold CATS. Here you can get a kitten as a breed and as a pet. In our CATTERY we have both kittens with fold (FOLD) and straight ears (STRAIGHT).

About cattery Molfar Ukraine

Welcome to the website of the Ukrainian cattery "Molfar".

We named our cattery "Molfar" not coincidentally, we love our country, our history and want Ukraine to occupy a worthy place in the world, including the direction in which we are engaged. This is why the name of our cattery has come: first of all – it should have been the word of Ukrainian origin, thus reflecting the essence of our work and our approach to it. Molfars, according to superstitions are medicine men, sorcerers, able to control the forces of nature or to negotiate with them. We are very close to it.

We aim to obtain animals of unearthly beauty and want to learn to understand and literally feel nature and to agree with it, anticipating the results not only on the basis of science, but also such a natural instinct, dictated primarily by the respect for the laws of nature and a deep love to those beings with whom we deal. I think all breeders will support me in that it's impossible to get an outstanding result, without love, since we are dealing with living beings that have their own needs and develop according to their own laws. We learn a lot from our Pets, observing their behavior and habits, and our ideas about animals vary greatly. It is extremely interesting and despite all the difficulties, once immersed in the world of cats – you can't stop. We already can't imagine our home and our life without these beautiful creatures that give us so much love and joy that all the problems recede into the background.

Our cattery is registered in WCF system in Germany. We are involved in a serious breeding work since 2011 that is for the breeding activity a relatively short time, as sometimes getting the desired result takes years of hard and thoughtful labor. However, despite the fact that we are quite young for the cattery – we have already had something to be proud of (our cats win at cat shows). What is the essence of our work, as well as the work of any serious kennel and breeder? The breed we deal with is Highland fold (Scottish long haired), our colors – harlequin, bicolor red and white or black and white, tortoise; cream.

Our goal is to obtain stable progeny from high-quality animals of class not lower than breed (producer) and ideally to come to a sustainable type of animals of show class with unique, distinct characteristics. To do this, we conduct a thorough selection among the animals of our nursery, by keeping the most promising animals for further work; we also purchase producers from other kennels. We participate in the feline (cat) exhibitions to obtain expert assessments of our animals, to share experiences with other breeders, and to get new information about the tendencies of development of our breed.

We continuously monitor news in the world of feline genetics, veterinary science. We also monitor the changes in the breed standards to be in trend and to constantly evolve. It is important for us to contribute to the development of the breed we deal with so that lovers and fans of Scottish fold (Highland fold) could acquire animals of exceptional beauty, splendid disposition, and get great joy from communicating with these wonderful cats.

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