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Welcome guest! Cattery Molfar is engaged in breeding Scottish fold CATS. Here you can get a kitten as a breed and as a pet. In our CATTERY we have both kittens with fold (FOLD) and straight ears (STRAIGHT).


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Previuos Litters.

This category is devoted to all the litters of Molfar Cattery. Each litter is named with the letter of English alphabet and there is the total description of every litter: how many kittens there were in the litter, pictures of kittens, video of kittens, some pictures from their new houses, their personal data, parents and you can learn also their new location and the owner (buyer)name. It is very important for us to follow the way of each our cat to be sure that it is happy and save. We always very proud of our graduates when they make brilliant show carrier, give beautiful progeny or just bring lots of fun and happiness to their owners. And for us it is a history of our work, sleepless nights, expectations and hopes and the result of it that everyone can see.

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